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Discussion on: What's the best or nerdiest prank you have ever pulled?

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Best solo prank,replacing spoons with galium ones.

Best group prank...oh boy.

Tricking a friend to going to the store with a guy in on while his laptop is on.

We now have around 10 minutes alone time.

  1. We change all his windows bars to garnish colours.

  2. We open his browser, find I his history his taste in... certain films from a certain "hub" if you may.

  3. We had his browser open up a different one of these in multiple tabs. (He didn't know he couldn't close them)

however this was all distraction from the actual plan.

  1. Use windows task scheduler to make a message appear, so whenever he started his laptop it created o popup that he had been banned from the university wifi for explicit usage.

He finds all the other stuff, ha ha funny guys changes it back, but no popup... we are confused.

We go to classes.

We realise that we not ticked the on ac power option.

So we trick him into resetting his laptop and plugging it in.

Laptop comes on, he looks at the popup, stands up hands on head, I've been banned off the uni wifi for porn!

He then shows his laptop to the professor giving the PowerPoint, who looks bewildered.

He then googles the fake error code, repeatedly on the same machine still not catching kn6. This goes on for at least an hour before we tell him.