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Asynchronous CRUD Operations in Node js

What is Asynchronous ?

Asynchrony, in programming world, refers to the occurrence of events independent of the main program flow and ways to deal with this kind of events.

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The term "CRUD" refers to the four operations that are thought to be required to develop a data storing application: create, read, update, and delete. It originates from the area of computer programming. Any data storage device, such as a solid-state drive or a hard disc, that keeps power after the device is turned off is referred to as persistent storage. In contrast, volatile memory, which includes random access memory and internal caching, stores information that will be lost when a device loses power.

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1 Create a file and data into it

const fs = require ("fs");

fs.writeFile("Newfile.txt","sample data" ,(err) =>{

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2 To append changes

fs.appendFiles("Newfile.txt","sample data changed" ,(err) =>{

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3 To read file

fs.readFile("Newfile.txt",'utf-8',(err,data) =>{

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4 To delete a file

fs.unlink("Newfile.txt",(err) =>{

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Check out my Github for source code :-

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