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A simple slide-out menu with SwiftUI

Caleb Wells
Hi, I’m Caleb, and I help individuals and small businesses design and develop iOS apps.
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So eight days ago I decided to start the #100DaysOfCode challenge. I'm not exactly following Paul Hudson's 100 Days of Swift or SwiftUI other than the first 15 days I did want to focus on the Swift programming language which has gone okay.

But anyway well doing this challenge I also wanted to be uploading a video every day to kind of show my progress. But yesterday I was running out of time so I did just a swift one take video where I just hit record on my Mac, code for 20 minutes, hit stop recording, and uploaded the video.
I hope the video was somewhat informative but the audio quality was hit and miss for some reason I'll have to look into this. So I thought perhaps this could be a quick little article to write out for anyone that found the audio to be as terrible as I did.

The code

So open up Xcode and start a new single view project, and rewrite the body variable inside your ContentView so it looks like the following.

ZStack {
    NavigationView {
        List(0 ..< 55) { item in
            Text("Hello, World!")
        .navigationBarTitle("Some App")
        .navigationBarItems(leading: NavButtonView(isOpen: $isOpen))

    .offset(x: isOpen ? 300 : 0)

    if isOpen {
            .onTapGesture {

        HStack {
            List(0 ..< 4) { item in
                Text("Hello, World!")
            .frame(width: 300)
            .padding(.top, 44)
    } else {

I know that's a lot of code in the body but I wrote this out in 20 minutes.

You'll also notice we have an isOpen binding to a state property so let's add that above the body variable.

@State private var isOpen = false

All right we're almost done we just need to write out the button view for the .navigationBarItems() modifier we added to the navigation view.

struct NavButtonView: View {
    @Binding var isOpen: Bool

    var body: some View {
        Button(action: {
        }, label: {
            Image(systemName: "list.dash")

Okay, that'll do it. So that is obviously super basic a lot you could add to it, some polish and clean up but you get a basic slide-out menu in under 62 lines of code.

If you like random SwiftUI videos check out my YouTube channel
A Swiftly Tilting Planet.

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