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How To Hide Secret Data Inside A Image (Offline)

cr0tk profile image Divyansh Singh Parihar ・Updated on ・1 min read

Things You Need To Do Steganography:-

  1. An Image
  2. Winrar
  3. The Data You Want To Hide

Definition Steganography:-Steganography is a technique of hiding information behind the scene. It’s is not like cryptography which focuses on encrypting data, steganography focuses more on hiding the data (data can be a file, image, message or video) within another file, image, message or video to avoid any attraction.
How To Do Steganography?
There Are Several Ways You Can Do Steganography For More Another Way You Can Redirect To online ways)

Lets Start

Step 1:-
Right Click On The File Yo Want To Hide And Click On 'Add To Archive'
(Winrar Will Create An .rar File Which Will Contain Your Private Data)

Step 2:- Open Command Prompt

(And Go To The Location Where All Te Files Are Kept )

Step 3:- Type The Following Command

"copy /b (The File You Want To Hide With .rar Extension) + (The Image File Name .jpg) "

(Then Press Enter)

Step 4:- The File You Want You Want To Hide Is Been Sucessfully Merge With The jpg Image File

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