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Nevertheless, Court👩‍💻💫 Coded in 2021!

Happy International Women's Day!✨💘🙋‍♀️

Hey, I'm Courtney!👋 I'm 22 and an Associate Software Developer at Sky.

My Background👩‍💻

I graduated from the University of Leeds in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media and I am now the first person in my family to go to university. I stumbled across the world of coding as part of my degree with no prior knowledge that it existed. I hadn't considered a career in technology before and it wasn't something that was really showcased to us at school/college. I had a compulsory module on my course and this was my very first exposure to web development and the first time I ever wrote a line of code. The module was called 'Interface Design' where we covered HTML and CSS. And needless to say from there I was hooked and spent most evenings teaching myself more and taking to stack overflow and W3Schools for help.

Most Recent Achievement🎉

My most recent achievement was getting a full-time job as a Software Developer at Sky in September 2020 through their Software Engineering Graduate Scheme. This scheme was for 6/7 months with a 5-week bootcamp followed by an educational project before moving into a delivery team at Sky. I graduated from the academy on the 26th February 2021 and I am now in the Sky Sports Web team. I help develop the Sky Sports UK and Germany websites and I continue to learn everyday and grow as a developer.💪

Advocating For Myself🙋‍♀️

Advocating for myself looks like:

  • Self-affirmations💫
  • Kicking imposter syndrome to the curb😬
  • Knowing I still have a lot to learn and taking it one step at a time📚

My Biggest Goal🎯

I am keen to help inspire women from non-tech backgrounds to get into tech. It was really encouraging for me to see women from all kinds of backgrounds and that the majority of them didn’t have a Computer Science degree and work in the tech industry. This was amazing to hear as if they could do it then I could too and it gave me the confidence to apply for a tech role. I came across Code First Girls, Women In Tech UK and GirlCode who are all on a mission to tackle the gender-gap, encourage more women into tech and support them in their careers in tech.

I took an 'Introduction to Web Development' course by Code First Girls to help develop my knowledge and I knew it would be the perfect place to connect with fellow women who were interested in learning to code. This course was for 4-weeks and we got to work on a project in a team to develop a website to present at the end of the course in a showcase.

I had a mentor from Women In Tech UK who helped provide me with feedback on my university work, gave me advice and supported me. And I also joined the GirlCode community to connect with fellow women in tech and I have recently become a GirlCode Ambassador.🚀🎉

I absolutely love the above organisations missions, goals and how passionate they are about inspiring more women into tech and teaching them how to code. I want to give back to the community and help inspire women the same way I was inspired by these organisations and the community.

My Advice For Allies📣

My advice for allies to support underrepresented folks who code is:

  • Always be kind and support them in very possible way🌻
  • Share your knowledge, advice and wisdom🤩
  • Be their voice and speak up for them to create a better environment that is positive, inclusive and supportive for all🗣️

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marulucenat profile image

So inspiring 💖
Congrats on your new job Court, you deserve it!

court191 profile image
Court👩‍💻💫 Author

Aw, thanks Maru!💕 Keep smashing it, you're doing an amazing job ⭐