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Free Online Courses for Code Newbies 💻

Thinking of learning to code? Are you an aspiring developer? Want to improve your coding skills? Thinking about switching into a career in tech?

I have put together a list of coding resources below to help kick start your career as a code newbie 💻

  1. 🖥️ Codecademy and Codecademy Go App – in my opinion, one of the most popular websites to start your coding journey. A lot of content is free and the learning process is gamified, so it doesn’t feel like learning at all! Every time I want to learn a new language, I look at codecademy to get myself familiar with the syntaxes and basic rules.

  2. 💚 W3Schools – a classic! Every developer’s good friend. No matter if you’re a junior or senior, W3schools is probably the first source to look at when you’re stuck.

  3. FreeCodeCamp – You can earn certificates and badges on here. You can join the community of coders and learn to code together for free. I would also recommend completing the 100 Days of Code challenge where you code a minimum of an hour everyday for the next 100 days and post/share your progress every day with hashtag #100DaysOfCode.

  4. 🔺 Udemy – There is a mixture of free courses and courses you may need to pay for with a range of subjects available.

  5. 🟪 Mimo (App) – Mimo is an educational app that teaches programming by breaking lessons down into two-minute segments. It uses a gamified approach to motivate users by earning achievements. This app encourages you to use your breaks and commutes and learn to code on the go.

  6. 🌈 SoloLearn (App) – SoloLearn is an app best for those who have no proper coding knowledge and want to start from the basics. Each section is broken up by chapters to break down the learning and at the end of each chapter, you are quizzed on your knowledge and must receive a passing score to move onto the next chapter. There are hundreds of different quizzes and activities on the ‘code playground’ section.

  7. 🌸 CodeFirstGirls – highly recommend for any female wanting to learn code or thinking about switching into a career in tech.

  8. 🔷 Udacity – They started offering free computer classes in 2011 and by 2014 they had 1.6 million users. They offer courses in HTML and Python as well as an Intro to Data Science, Web Development, Software Engineering, Android and iOS.

  9. 🌳 TreeHouse – not free but a very good resource! They offer a free 7-day trial. If you don’t know where to start you can take a quiz to find your recommended course.

  10. 📚 Harvard University CS50 Computer Science – something new I came across last summer. Believe it or not, Harvard University offers their Introduction to Computer Science for free. Participants will get a foundation in basic coding, learning aspects of C programming, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SQL.

Let me know if you have used or checked out any of the resources above or if this blog post has helped and inspired you in anyway. If you know anymore resources, tools and courses let me know in the comments! ⬇️

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Stephanie Opala

I did a bootcamp, Intro to Web development by Code First Girls. It was amazing and helped me alot when I was starting my journey into tech.

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Court👩‍💻💫 Author

Aw, snap! I did that course too by Code First Girls and loved it 🙌