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World’s most complete Masked Face Recognition Dataset is Free to Download

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World’s most complete Masked Face Recognition Dataset is Free to Download

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has made developers and machine learning engineers come up with improved algorithims when it comes to facial recognition through computer vision.

This technology opens the door to profesional applications to be deployed on airports and hospitals for example, facial detection is one of the practical applications of computer vision and machine learning algorithims, the difference is, now the algorithims need to be tweaked and models re trained with new datasets.

All of this effort aims to improve the recognition patterns performance, many home enthusiats and universitie’s computer science departments have joined the effort to develope code and release datasets allowing the creation of improved applications.

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Deep Learning Computer Vision

Download Datasets

Part of the original samples has been uploaded to this github website. RFMD_part_1 can be downloaded directly. RFMD_part_2 (4 compressed files) and RFMD_part_3 (3 compressed files) need to download all compressed files before decompressing them.You can also download these datasets from the link below.

Download link: Password: xhze


More labeled face samples are illustrated as follows: (different from raw samples in github) Different from the facial mask recognition (or detection) dataset, the masked face recognition dataset must include multiple masked and unmasked face images of the same subject. To this end, we have established two kinds of masked face recognition datasets.

(1) Real-world masked face recognition dataset: We crawled the samples from the website. After cleaning and labeling, it contains 5,000 masked faces of 525 people and 90,000 normal faces.

Download link: Password: j3aq


(2) Simulated masked face recognition datasets: We put on the masks on the faces in the public face datasets, and obtained the simulated masked face dataset of 500,000 faces of 10,000 subjects.

WebFace simulated masked face dataset: Password: 77m8


LFW simulated masked face dataset: Password: o126


Full Github Repo ->

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