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I created the backend of my app in 12 minutes it deals with users, database and storage

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Even if you don’t know much about code you can still follow up this tutorial, since there’s not much code going around (Except for the FrontEnd).

So I wanted to create an App (just like everyone else) to share movies with my friends and also to let other people recommend movies they think I should put on my Netflix’s watch list.

I know about HTML and Javascript coding, so I decided I could probably find a tool that would allow me to create something without coding much.

I put together the feature list of my application and I realized that it needed so many things, that I would have to go hardcore into coding.

  • User Registration & Login
  • File Uploads
  • Keeping things in a Database
  • Security
  • A place to host all of this ?

Just to name a few of my concerns, I started to build the front end of the app and it was fairly quick, jQuery here and bootstrap over there. In no time damn it was looking good.
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Appwrite Backend

Then I realized that it needed a backend so I could bring it to life and here’s when things started to get complicated.

I was looking into alternatives, would Python (Django or Flask) help? would NodeJs be a better alternative? what about Database would I need something robust or just something simpler like MongoDB?

So, at this point I’m starting to panic since I would have to go deeper into those technologies and it would certainly take more than 12 minutes.

I decided the best thing to do was to go and get a pizza, then came back to my laptop and jumped into Youtube to watch some videos, browsing here and there I found what I thought it could be the “Solution” and decided to give it a try.




I discovered a pre-made feature rich and relatively easy to use open source backend, what does all of this means ?

Because it’s open source I could download it for free and install it on my test machine, then it had everything I needed already built in:

  • Database Engine
  • User Accounts
  • Storage (File Uploads / Downloads)

So all I needed to do was to get the API and insert some Javascript (Since I’m building with JS) and my app suddenly became interactive, it could allow users to register and login, then to update their profile, I created databases and in no time my app was saving documents to that database, not to mention file uploads.




I decided to document my whole journey to let other people learn really easy about Appwrite, and I put it all together in the book below:

Appwrite up and running

Appwrite Up and Running


To summarise the process in simple steps:

  • Install the Backend on any machine from
  • Create the Admin Account
  • Create a Project
  • Configure The Platform (App) and Endpoint
  • Create Collections
  • Integrate the API calls into your App

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