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Exclusive Access to the Source Code of this Python Youtube Video Downloader App

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A desktop application to download YouTube videos as annotated MP3 files.

Using the application

Paste a YouTube playlist or video URL and load its content. Make edits to the table as you need, and click “Ask butler” (not shown in image above) to provide annotation hints to your videos. Choose a download folder, download your videos, and just like that, you have nicely annotated MP3 files.

This application uses PyQt5 to provide the user interface and multithreading to execute calls asynchronously. The backend uses itunespy to suggest song annotations (i.e. "Ask butler"), pytube to download the YouTube video as an MP4 audio file, and FFmpeg to convert the MP4 file to MP3.

Running the application

  1. Download ffmpeg

  2. Clone GitHub repository

  3. pip install -r requirements.txt

  4. python main.py

Check Troubleshooting if you encounter any trouble running / using the application or downloading MP3 files.

Download ffmpeg

There are several options to install ffmpeg depending on your OS.

  1. Using homebrew
  • Downloading homebrew: Linux, macOS

  • brew install ffmpeg

  1. Through ffmpeg.org

Source Code: https://github.com/irahorecka/YouTube2Mp3/

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