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Discussion on: How to create an HTML button that acts like a link?

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Course Probe Author

What do you think about Example 2 ? Would you have suggestions for a different approach ?

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Adam Crockett • Edited

Okay so theres a few issues with Example 2.

The form action attribute as I have read it in HTML5 spec (this is not a common attribute 🦄), This is designed to give a <form> the ability to POST to several different urls - an unusual case but anyway such is the way of the web. A button hacked into a link in this way will not be counted towards SEO is another reason not to use this method.

The solution to navigation is the idiomatic <a href=""/> anchor and thats it really. There is then no need to have a style to make a button look like a link.

If you can give me a use case I can try illustrate it more clearly.

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Andrew Bone

These are probably the best ways to use a button as an anchor with the former being best.

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Adam Crockett

Sorry my friend it's not valid HTML5 according to the HTML5 Spec Document from W3C:

Still works I guess