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12 Tools Successful DevOps Engineers are using today for the Most Efficient Operation

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There is a lot of misconception regarding — Who is a DevOps Engineer? Is he the guy who writes code and is also responsible for the work of a System Engineer? Well! Not exactly.
What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software development strategy which bridges the gap between the developers and the IT staff. With DevOps, organizations can release small features very quickly and incorporate the feedback which they receive, very quickly. Following are some other benefits:

  • Fewer Software Failure
  • Shortened lead time between fixes

It overcomes all the limitations of the traditional waterfall model. DevOps process involves a lot of development, testing and deployment technologies for developing automated CI/ CD pipelines. Following are some of the famous DevOps tools:


Vagrant is a DevOps tool. It allows building and managing virtual machine environments in a single workflow. It offers easy-to-use workflow and focuses on automation. Vagrant lowers development environment setup time and increases production parity.


Vagrant integrates with existing configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, and Salt
Vagrant works seamlessly on Mac, Linux, and Window OS
Create a single file for projects to describe the type of machine and software users want to install
It helps DevOps team members to have an ideal development environment

Download link: https://www.vagrantup.com/downloads.html

Prometheus is 100% open source free to use service monitoring system. It offers support for more than ten languages.

Key Features:

Flexible query language for slicing collected time series data to generate tables, graphs, and alerts
Stores time series, streams of timestamped values belonging to the same metric, and the same set of labeled dimensions
Stores time series in memory and also on local disk
It has easy-to-implement custom libraries
Alert manager handles notifications and silencing

Download link: https://prometheus.io/download

Snort is a very powerful open-source DevOps tool that helps in the detection of intruders. It also highlights malicious attacks against the system. It allows real-time traffic analysis and packet logging.

Key Features:

Performs protocol analysis and content searching
It allows signature-based detection of attacks by analyzing packets
It offers real-time traffic analysis and packet logging
Detects buffer overflows, stealth port scans, and OS fingerprinting attempts, etc.

Download link: https://www.snort.org/downloads

Nagios is another useful tool for DevOps. It helps DevOps teams to find, and correct problems with network & infrastructure.

Key Features:

Nagios XI helps to monitors components like applications, services, OS, network protocols
It provides complete monitoring of desktop and server operating systems
It provides complete monitoring of Java Management Extensions
It allows monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components on any operating system
Its log management tool is industry leading.
Network Analyzer helps identify bottlenecks and optimize bandwidth utilization.
This tool simplifies the process of searching log data

Download link: https://www.nagios.com/

Chef is a useful DevOps tool for achieving speed, scale, and consistency. It is a Cloud based system. It can be used to ease out complex tasks and perform automation.


Accelerate cloud adoption
Effectively manage data centers
It can manage multiple cloud environments
It maintains high availability

Download link: https://downloads.chef.io/
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Docker is a DevOps technology suite. It allows DevOps teams to build, ship, and run distributed applications. This tool allows users to assemble apps from components and work collaboratively.

Key Features:

CaaS Ready platform running with built in orchestration
Flexible image management with a private registry to store, manage images and configure image caches
Isolates apps in containers to eliminate conflicts for enhancing security

Download link: https://store.docker.com/editions/enterprise/docker-ee-trial

Stackify is a lightweight DevOps tool. It shows real-time logs, errors queries, and more directly into the workstation. It is an ideal solution for intelligent orchestration for the software-defined data center.

Key Features:

Detailed trace of all types of web request
Eliminate messy configuration or code changes
Provides an instant feedback to check what .NET or Java web apps are doing
Allows to find and fix bugs before production
Integrated container management with Docker Datacenter of all app resources and users in a unified web admin UI
Flexible image management with a private registry to store and manage images
It provides secure access and configures image caches
Secure multi tenancy with granular Role Based Access Control
Complete security with automatic TLS, integrated secrets management, security scanning and deployment policy
Docker Certified Plugins Containers provide tested, certified and supported solutions

Download link: https://saltstack.com/saltstack-downloads/

Ansible is a leading DevOps tool. It is a simple way to automate IT for automating entire application lifecycle. It makes it easier for DevOps teams to scale automation and speed up productivity.

Key Features:

It is easy to use open source deploy apps
It helps to avoid complexity in the software development process
IT automation eliminates repetitive tasks that allow teams to do more strategic work
It is an ideal tool to manage complex deployments and speed up development process

Download link: https://www.ansible.com/tower-trial

Puppet Enterprise is a DevOps tool. It allows managing entire infrastructure as code without expanding the size of the team.


**Puppet** enterprise tool eliminates manual work for software delivery process. It helps developer to deliver great software rapidly
Model and manage entire environment
Intelligent orchestration and visual workflows
Real-time context-aware reporting
Define and continually enforce infrastructure
It inspects and reports on packages running across infrastructure
Desired state conflict detection and remediation

Download link: https://puppet.com/download-puppet-enterprise

Graylog is a powerful log management and DevOps tool. It has many use cases for monitoring SSH logins and unusual activities. Its basic version is a free and open source.


Automatically archive the data so that user don’t need to do that frequently
Graylog Enterprise also offers Audit Log capabilities.
It records and stores actions taken by a user or administrator that make changes in the system
Receive enterprise-grade support by allowing support requests directly from the engineers

Download link: https://www.graylog.org/download

UpGuard helps DevOps teams around the world to gain visibility into their technology.It integrates seamlessly with popular automation platforms such as Puppet, Chef, and Ansible.


**UpGuard** helps businesses around the world to gain visibility into their technology
This DevOps tool allows increasing in speed of software delivery. It is accomplished through the automation by numbers of processes and technologies.
It allows users to trust a third-party with sensitive data
The procedures used to govern assets are as important as the configurations themselves

Download link: https://www.upguard.com/demo

Rudder is a DevOps solution for continuous configuration and auditing. It is easy to use web-driven solution for IT automation.

Key Features:

Workflow offers various user options like non-expert users, expert users, and managers
Automate common system administration tasks such as installation and configuration
Enforce configuration over time
Provide Inventory of all managed nodes
Web interface for configuring and managing nodes
Compliance reporting by configuration or by node

Download link: https://www.rudder-project.org/site/get-rudder/downloads/


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