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re: Great effort, I can appreciate the pay to play model is a blocker, I think maybe turn this into a booking system and sell it?

This was actually more of a plug in / module I had started working on for a website prototype I was messing around with in my spare time.

I've actually since started working on a custom Google Maps implementation that I'd like to write something up on... If I can find enough hours in a given day!

Perhaps I will come back to this at a later date. It was certainly fun to mess around with initially and can definitely be expanded upon.


I'm picking up react lately because the company uses it and I need to pay the bills. But I have enjoyed writing a blood glucose monitoring app today because it's got lots of state, visual and interesting to play around with. I can appreciate your perspective with PAIN haha.

I'm a huge React fan boy, though I must admit, I have not worked with it in quite some time -- at least since the birth of hooks.

Hmmm that is why I'm not standing on a mountain shouting, it looks like magic. I don't understand the move to do this.

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