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re: I dig how clean and straight forward it is. Also you should post more!

Hey thanks! I certainly want to post more, it's just a matter of figuring out what to post about.

I also want to be sure I'm strong enough with the subject to make certain that people can get something out of it 😅

I've been messing with some random JS over the past few months. Maybe I'll just do a brain dump post, see if people are interested...


You should. Don't make it about perfecting something or setting an imaginary bar. No one is going to expect you to have a perfect post before they'll bother reading it. You can post about anything and if it interested 1 person, then that is progress. If you wait until you have the perfect post, the right thing to say, the best time, and so on... you'll be waiting for a long long time. Read my post on the 25 years and just beginning. I did the same thing as you, it had to be right for people to want it. Nope, i was wrong. I mean look at me! I don't even know whats in your head, but I want to see more from you because you're nice and treat others with kindness. So what you find interested, is something i'd like to see.

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