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One thing to be aware of for any recommendations from Robert Martin:

They are written for a very specific, highly simplified version of reality. A spherical cow for programming.

The more specific and fine-grained his recommendations, the less susceptible they are to change due to real world factors; guidance on code is more likely to remain applicable than guidance on Coders.

The result of this simplification is that when you try to apply behavior-based ideas to actual people, messy reality steps in.

When you accept his definition of how a Coder behaves, the only people who can meet that definition will be people who are the most like him.

Anyone who has a different reality and cannot (or will not) follow his rules of behavior is therefore either "not a real Coder" or is a less valuable Coder. It is a form of gatekeeping, and we need to recognize it as such.


Wow, just wow! I really like the way you look at it and how you describe it. Thanks for sharing!

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