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Discussion on: Scroll-to-top Button in vanilla JS (Beginners)

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Nice, thanks for sharing! I was recently wondering about adding a "scroll to top" button on my portfolio site vs. making my header "sticky". On the one hand, it would be nice to add some JS to my site to show that I can incorporate it, but on the other hand, using a sticky header would probably be better performance-wise (which may not matter on my simple portfolio website).

What do you think?

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ljc-dev Author

Hey Cory, thanks for reading 😄!! You can definitely use both. I kinda understand why you you want to choose between them. Having a sticky header might make a scroll to top button a bit redundant. But I believe it's ok to use them together especially if the page is kinda long. And btw, I don't think this would create a performance issue. Let's chat on Twitter 🙂!