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Kinda related but not... when you donate to FCC, they don't let you know the donations will be on a recurring basis; nor is there a way to stop it if you didn't contribute via a PayPal account. I misspoke, you can stop it by emailing Quincy Larson who seems to be the only person that can contact Stripe and remove your "account." Not entirely surprised practices across the board are unethical, for lack of a better term.


// , I'm skeptical of your comment, based on what I found here:


Seems pretty damn clear which is a one-time donation and which isn't.


Geeze, that's real appropriate. My comment was almost a year ago after I directly corresponded with Quincy Larson. Things were obviously different. Why would someone lie about that? Go to sleep.


Damn, really? That's like... way more than uncool. That's fraud and theft.

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