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Discussion on: The web without the web

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José M. Cornelio

It was the same for me. I used to design websites with Photoshop and at some point i have learned how to code it with HTML, CSS and JS with jQuery. Life was simple and fun. You could make something that works (and you can still) over night.

I remember it was okay to use CMS's and there was no problem using jQuery to speed up development. But at some point. Everything that helps the developer to code less, cleaner and faster it is the devil to JS community.

Today, over-engineering is priced and i'm (maybe) too old to understand why. I do not understand why jQuery is wrong, i do not understand why PHP is wrong, i do not understand why i need to use react, angular, flutter, vue or whatever is trend this week to make a simple three pages website for a local bakery.

I'm too old at 27 years old to understand what the hell is going on with web development these days.