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Attending Coalesce 2020

It's the third day of Coalesce 2020 sessions I've been in, and I am so fired up about data testing and what we can do better in my current data team. What's Coalesce 2020? It's a week long conference put on by Fishtown Analytics, the fantastic team behind the data architecture and modeling tool, dbt. So far it's been an immersive and interactive experience using Slack to participate in the data community and in depth discussions on what it means to be part of creating the best data architecture you can create.

Data chart in black and white from Unsplash

So far my favorite sessions have been:

One of my questions during the Great Expectations session was featured in the daily Coalesce 2020 recap

I have a few more Coalesce sessions that I'm going to attend, but this was the bulk of my interest this week. The speakers that Fishtown Analytics chose, the stories that were told about data modeling in real life, and the testing philosophies and data methodologies I learned have left me really excited to build even more tests and better data models in my job. It's been a great opportunity during a tough year to learn so much more about how to be a better data QA engineer.

I'll share more soon about what it's like to work in the data sphere as a quality assurance professional. For now, happy Thursday!

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