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re: I think all of these points are not about open source projects at all. Instead, they are only about POPULAR projects, because even closed source pr...

Ya this more matches my experiences as well!

I have one open source utility that has gotten a tiny bit of niche traction. Enough to get a small handful of issues, and one PR. But the issues came mostly at once when I posted about it, and have died off now. When I said I wasn't sure if I wanted to implement a feature the poster politely asked I consider it, but never pressed me on it again.

Maintaining a popular project is DEFINITELY a whole different beast. But I don't want to scare people away from open sourcing something they made, cause they were worried about about the burden of maintainer-ship. In my experience it's been a minuscule amount of work, and each interaction has showed me that others benefit from the tools I've made, which was my full point in open sourcing to begin with!

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