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I used to take a pretty hard like stance that I didn't want types in my Ruby. I like ducktyping and all that too much.
It's always felt to me like bolting something onto a language that was never meant to support it. Ruby is designed to embrace it's dynamic nature just seems opposed to the id a or typing.

But more recently I've come around a little bit. And Typescript is one of the things that's changed my mine. I 100% agree that types are awesome and I've been really interested in Rust and strong types.
And I don't think adding some type declarations is a bad idea, but I'm been hesitant since any bolted on types don't feel like a complete solution. But I think my realization was that just cause bolted on types don't provide perfect protection that doesn't mean they don't have some value.

So I haven't looked at Serbet at all, but there is significant interest in it at my day job. I'll probably take a look sometime soon, since it's released now. I'm not automatically on board, but I'm also not completely against it anymore!

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