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re: Forcing users to install a PWA for most sites would lead to me not using them, and I assume the same from most people. I can see the benefit for ...

being prompted at every site will lead to a stigma by the community before they reach their full potential.

Oh man, I think this is exactly what happened with web push notifications. It fits into this PWA concept, but I think web push notifications could be really cool and have some fun use cases!
However everyone throwing up notification prompts has totally annoyed lots of people I know into hating web push notifications


Yup, my opinion on this is that browsers aren't going far enough with the notion of "engagement metric". Add To Home Screen on Android only shows up after a couple of visits—notifications should have at least been done the same way.

I think that there's often a disconnect between user intent (when I want to use a site) and being cautious about permissions and features.

Email is my example for this: literally anyone can email you (regardless of whether you asked), and your provider (statistically Gmail) has to work out if that email is wanted or not. As a user, I don't have a way to say to Gmail—yes, I do want this email or to be on mailing list or whatever, especially if the email actually ended up in Spam and I didn't see it.

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