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Whenever I've thought of open source licensing in the past, its mostly been around what type of license to select for a project, and why one might be better than another. I really enjoyed the look into open source licensing from a different perspective!
I can only begin to image the headaches that would be caused by the plethora of open source projects and licenses must exist in our typical dependency tress!

The thing that really excites me about this is how this directly supports the maintainers of the projects! I think funding is another big unsolved open source problem, and I like how Tidelift is also helping to solve that. By allowing people to earn money from their open source projects it spend their time working on the project, instead of having to find other ways to monetize the project.

I don't currently have any projects that have any usage on Tidelift, but I'm really excited to see how it grows! I'm also probably gonna sign up, so that if any of my projects get big enough I'll be ready to go!

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