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Love this idea! Great mix between business proposition and community value!

I know you guys replaced the membership style support with this, but I'd probably be willing to support with a monthly purchase or a credit or too as well! Just another thought/idea!


Thanks Corey!

Yes. We gently retired memberships in conjunction with this. We also retired the dedicated mentorship area. Both were the right ideas but rushed and never quite right.

This was a moment to regroup and get rid of a lot of technical debt from the past year. In some capacity, all the good ideas that came with memberships will live on in the future, we just needed to refresh.

Anyone looking to "buy in" and/or "invest" in dev.to in a way, can definitely do so with bulk credit purchases of some kind. You get a discount by buying upfront and there will definitely be interesting ways to spend them in the future, both in giving back to the community but also helping your own career.

We haven't rolled everything out yet, but unlike memberships, where we were seeking reasons for the value exchange to make sense, this time we're overflowing with possible scenarios, we just have to implement it cohesively.

We have a very strong platform to grow from here. Both in terms of the community, as well as the codebase. The listings/credit system will also be valuable for future communities that are spawned from the generalized open source version of the platform that we're chipping away at.

It's been fun and your support has been amazing Corey!!

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