re: How do you manage your dotfiles across multiple and/or new developer machines? VIEW POST

re: It definitely seems like many of the “dot file managers” are simply working around the fact that folks don’t want to make their home directory a Gi...

Not any huge ones, but there are definitely some interesting side effects.

One if that I am always in a git repo now basically, so my bash indicator of if I'm in a git branch is slightly less meaningful
Two some tools (ex: ripgrep) use your .gitignore file as a generic ignore file when searching, so this needs to be worked around. I accomplish this my using something like rg --no-ignore --glob "!.git/*". I find I don't actually run into this too often, as usually I am running rg from within a different project directory, where it's local .gitignore is used so this isn't an issue.

Besides that everything works as expected! I've been doing it for a few years now and really enjoy the setup!

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