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This is actually something I've thought about a lot recently when I talk to people about different languages, and for me it's Ruby. And as you said not because Ruby isn't without its flaws, or that Ruby is the right fit for every project. But I have found that Ruby fits really well into my personal mental model of programming. Most things in Ruby work how I expect them to work.

It's syntax is simple enough that it can almost look like pseudo code in simple cases and is easy to visualize, for me personally.

Another thing that makes Ruby fit well into my mental model is it's complete lack of typing, and emphasis on 'duck' typing, or having objects of different types that respond to the same methods, and acting on all of them using this shared interface. This fits well with how I imagine objects working in my head.

Ruby is the language I will probably pick if I just want to knock something out quickly and the language doesn't matter. But for new learning focused projects there are a few other languages like Elixir and Rust that I want to get more into!

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