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Someone else mentioned hub but thought I'd provide an example! Once you have hub setup and authenticated with your Github account you can use a command like the following the checkout PR#123 for example

hub pr checkout 123

Not sure if this is easier than the web ui, since you have to find the PR number first, but at least that doesn't require scrolling all the way down the page!


Cool. I have hub installed, I guess I just never used it this way. I'm curious whether the mental overhead of remembering the number and switching applications like that will be the right solution. I do quite like clicking a button, but I'll examine this as an approach.

Now that I'm thinking about it, this might be something I could do entirely in VSCode.

I just installed this, and I will give it a try:

Microsoft / vscode-pull-request-github

GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code

Review and manage your GitHub pull requests directly in VS Code

This extension allows you to review and manage GitHub pull requests in Visual Studio Code. The support includes:

  • Authenticating and connecting VS Code to GitHub.
  • Listing and browsing PRs from within VS Code.
  • Reviewing PRs from within VS Code with in-editor commenting.
  • Validating PRs from within VS Code with easy checkouts.
  • Terminal integration that enables UI and CLIs to co-exist.


Getting Started

It's easy to get started with GitHub Pull Requests for Visual Studio Code. Simply follow these steps to get started.

  1. Make sure you have VSCode version 1.27.0 or higher.
  2. Download the extension from the marketplace.
  3. Reload VS Code after the installation (click the reload button next to the extension).
  4. Open your desired GitHub repository.
  5. Go to the SCM Viewlet, and you should see the GitHub Pull Requests treeview. On the first load, it will appear collapsed…

This is what I was going to suggest. I absolutely love this extension for this use case. One of my awesome-* repos used to have merge conflicts with basically every PR because of how I initially structured it (an OSS contributor came and restructured it to make this not happen anymore 💖) and this extension saved so much time when I started using it.


That VS Code plugin could likely do what you need. If it does and that is all you use the Github desktop app for I would say replace it. But, if you like working the other way I would say stick with it. It’s hard to argue with the fact that it works and you get your desired results. I don’t think you should consider your approach “wrong” or “inappropriate” because just like most things with development there is multiple ways to get work done and that’s okay.


I use hub for this too, all the time. You can also just copy and paste the URL to the GitHub PR page and use that instead of the issue number in the hub checkout <whatever> command line.

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