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re: I applied to Laboratoria but I didn’t pass the first step, because I wasn’t the target. Maybe that’s true, I wish they could take the time to know ...

Another girl told me the same, personally, I have a bachelor degree, I studied at UNAM so I thought that they were going to reject my application. Happily (I think) they have changed a few things over the last months and I was able to make it!
I'm having lots of fun (as well as considerable amount of frustration feelings but you know, that's part of the deal). That's a great post you wrote. Will share with friends (:

Thanks a lot Copelia, I went to a private university, IBERO, I think that’s why they rejected me, but I’ll try again, if it’s the case, I hope to have your support :)
And btw, if you see Mike Nieva, tell him that I send him a panda hug 🤗

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