The Master Question

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The Master Question

It seems to be on a lot of my friends' minds, and it definitely is a question on my mind. Should I go for a Master's degree? Specifically, should I get a Master's in Cybersecurity?

I don't know

There really isn't a clear answer, but there are clear benefits. Translucent benefits? Perceived. There are a few perceived benefits.


If you aren't saying you are trying to get a degree in any computer science related field for the clout, you are just lying to yourself. There are plenty of ways to get into any CS field without a degree.

I personally don't think that there is nothing wrong with chasing clout in this instance, but a hundred grand? Maybe not.

Industry Knowledge? Maybe?

In a lot of fields, there is a common joke that the second you graduate all of your knowledge is obsolete. Some professors try to expose you to new technologies, but a lot don't. They are content to stick to their lesson plans from 1996 and teach you all about ALOHAnet. Unfortunately, that's actually a topic that I actually had a test over.

But what professors do teach you, wither on accident or on purpose is still up for debate, is core principles that haven't changed and a mindset to approach future endeavours with. However, all of this could also be picked up in an undergraduate program.

Opening Doors

Despite most in the technology field knowing that pieces of paper with your name and an impressive techie sounding name are worthless, there are some people in the HR department of corporations who haven't gotten the memo.

A paper that says you have a Master at Cybersecurity could be very impressive to you and help get you past the resume check and into an interview. Hopefully that interview is with a technical person who doesn't suffer too heavily from an inability to talk to humans, and you have sufficient knowledge to wow this technical person.


This one might be specific to the program that I am applying to. I am looking into the Cybersecurity program at A&M. A&M has a massive network of extremely loyal graduates who love doing favours for fellow graduates.

Pieces of paper with your name on them might not mean much, but a piece of gold with the A&M seal stamped into it is worth at least two jobs.


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