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Grace Papers work update

Hi family

Welcome back fam, it has been a few months since I have blogged, and for good reason.

In the wake of the disaster that was 2020, I managed to find myself a dream role as a developer.


It couldn't have been a better fit from the get-go.

The organisation is called Grace Papers, and we are committed to fighting gender discrimination, by working with governments and corporations to improve their employment practices to support people returning to work after having children, driving inclusion in the workplace, and instilling practices that will help retain talent through nurturing and supporting employees.

It just couldn't have been more perfect, and it made 2020 worth the wait.

Tech & Learning

The stack is a fresh React front-end and a Laravel back-end, and I plan to do a lot of regular blogging as I learn and skill up.

My two main focuses will be

  1. A11y ~ as we build the front-end in React I am committed to ensuring it is built with Accessibility in mind first, not as something we will add later.

  2. Laravel/PHP ~ the rest of my blogs will be about my learning path in the back-end.

Well, stay tuned I have my first A11y post coming tonight ot tomorrow morning.

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