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coolNote - UI update 🚀

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Since we published our first post about coolNote, the number of our users went from 6 to 140! And got a lot of cool suggestions as well.

say whaat?

Amazing! Thanks everybody for sending so much ❤️️ !

New version 🎉


Thanks to Eugenie Efimov, I realized that we need a demo. So we did our first one, in a form of a gif.

Better UI/UX

I made a lot of design changes last night, on our About page and inside the application to be more cooler!

Take a look!

What do you think, is it better or worse? Or in general, is it cool? 😃
Leave you comment below!

See you later!


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Especially the 'without' part sounds great. What's the medium-long term idea though?


With coolNote, we would like to keep it simple but powerful. Like:

  • Add Markdown support.
  • Implement new modes, like a shopping list. (This will be interesting, more info later 😃)
  • Integrate GitHub / GitLab projects / milestones, manage them in one place.
  • Who knows what else.

But the main idea is to have a choice if you would like to be bigFiveFree 😃


Well, the trouble is that if your plan is to integrate everything, that sounds more like... the next bigSix rather than "bigAnythingFree".

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