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Discussion on: JS Coding Patterns that give you away as a Junior Developer

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Jason Melton • Edited

As someone currently looking for junior dev jobs, I definitely have the if else issue. Thanks for showing me a better way.

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Paul Patterson

Something that helped me change the way I viewed if statements is using early returns.

Big plus is reducing indentation and easing the cognitive load of the different forks your functions can take.

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Jason Melton

Yeah totally. Dealing with a lot of forks stinks. Also this might be obvious, but I remember being excited when I realized you could do if statements on one line, like

if (true) console.log('nice');
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For a long time, I always used a block--even for

if (true) { 
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Alain Van Hout

Then again, a fair amount of seniors (and depending on the language) will go back to the multiline approach, so that every line does exactly one thing (where the check and the action count as separate things).

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DarkWiiPlayer • Edited

This can be useful for finding errors and analizing test coverage reports as well as making the code easier to visually parse because it's closer to a list of instructions.

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Alexey Chang Author

Thanks for your feedback