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re: Thanks Dan! Honestly not sure how proficient I am in self-learning. I've felt I've been self-taught since I was younger. My dad gave me a red binde...


Yeah I have enjoyed freecodecamp, but got off the rails from busyness. I’m still too busy and it is a bit unreasonable for me to commit a lot of time there. But in the meantime I’ve now spent some time learning some other things that I wanted to (like git).

All the best to you as you keep trusging along!

Maybe after you feel like you have a good grasp on areas that are of interest to you, you can step back and evaluate where you’re headed. If it’s a type of job that requires certain skills, evaluate what is missing in your skillset then find a way to develop those skills. The hard part I think in web development is that required skills seem to change every Tuesday. Anyway, keep working hard no matter what!

Thank you so much Dan! You're right, it does seem to change so often. I've found that between web development and even just design. As soon as I graduated college, poof, my skills were outdated. I definitely know I want to do front end. I just need to get organized on what I need to learn and not try to learn everything so much.

I'm glad I've found others who can relate to potentially needing breaks from coding or being busy for other things sometimes. Makes me feel like I don't need to beat myself up so much in all of this.

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