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A further addendum.

This 'layering' of software over the world may not be as disruptive as we imagine.

It seems like many of the 'roles' we play are continuing, it's just that they express themselves in new and different ways.

For example, the role of 'customer service'. They might have new tools (CRM, analytics, machine learning) and a new environment (digital data sets and streams) but they also have the same focus as in the past (acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers).

Or take the role of the 'designer'. They also have new tools (digital tablet and stylus, graphics/3D software, image editing software) and a new environment (digital images), but here again, they are still focussed on creating visually pleasing artifacts.

The above might not even be correct or applicable descriptions of people's roles. I am just offering examples/analogies, to demonstrate how I see roles, tools and environments interacting.

The essence of what I'm trying to say is that there are some essential and fundamental human capacities that will continue to be expressed, but that they will be expressed through new tools and new environments.

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