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This is 100% accurate.

In addition to not being remote, most developer roles advertised are:

  • Relatively low-paid
  • Of a temporary or fleeting nature
  • Repetitive grunt-work that don't build skills
  • Little flexibility in working hours or other conditions

It's the old 80/20 rule: a large number of low-value options and a small number of high-value ones.

Also, almost by definition, if someone is knocking at your door trying to sell you something, it's probably worthless, at least in market terms.

There are still well paid and/or remote and/or interesting jobs out there – with a lot of effort and a little luck, you can find them. This is why I find it necessary to put a lot of effort into sales, marketing and market-research, rather than just focussing on being a good developer. Being a good developer isn't going to help your career, if the people you want to work for don't even know you exist!


That's a good point! I totally agree with you.

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