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Discussion on: What would your ideal developer interview process look like?

converge profile image
João Vanzuita

The perfect interview process in my opinion:

1) home code challenge (a small/easy project that can be created in 30 to 60min)


  • here you can see a real-world work
  • is there documentation?
  • does the candidate write tests?
  • is the code well structured?

2) three to five minutes of a video presentation


It avoids an interview with false positives candidates.

3) Technical interview (45min to 1:30h)


Now you can go deeper and check if the candidate is a good fit for the position.

4) Short CTO interview, and offer if applied.

turnerj profile image
James Turner Author

Interesting! Hadn't thought about #2 and I guess with the ubiquity of smartphones, many people have cameras to record a short video. Probably also good at the first stage to avoid those that are already employed needing to travel to a number of interviews.