Javascript Interview: Logical Operators

comscience profile image kapeel kokane ・1 min read

Cracking the JS Interview (2 Part Series)

1) Javascript interviews: undefined V/s null 2) Javascript Interview: Logical Operators

Hey fellow devs!

Having conducted interviews for Javascript developers over the past several years, I am now starting a new playlist series on my YouTube channel focussed on Javascript interviews for beginner developers. In this series, we would focus on how things actually work and also look at specific keywords that interviewers look for in the answers to these questions.

Logical Operators in Javascript

In this video, we look into Logical Operators in Javascript. If you come from a c language background, you would think that a logical AND (&&) returns true if all operands are true, else false, and the complementary login in case of logical OR (||), but there's more to it than that. Let's explore what that is in this ~3-minute video.



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