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If a todo app rated your day, Would you use it?

comscience profile image kapeel kokane ・1 min read

Hey dev community, I'm building yet another todo app!!!

Staying at home and working from home during the quarrantine has become the new norm now.

But lately, I am having this small thought of wanting to "measure" the amount of stuff - work wise, blog wise and otherwise, that I get done in a day. So that I can look back and see how my days turned out to be and whether I put them to good use.

For the same reason, I have started to work on a tasklist app. But is not jist another tasker app, is different.

Let me explain

I am planning to have a system where I can assign tasks as small, medium and large. And, the app would not let me take up more than a certain number of tasks in a day, knowing that it would lead me to failure.

Key Feature

A key feature of the app is that, based on the small, medium, large tasks completed on a particular day, the app will rate your day on a scale of 7 stars and I can go back and have a look at all the days and compare them.

The question is, does this use case sount relevant to you? Or am I the only one?

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Warisul Imam

Nice concept 👍

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