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Discussion on: Reflecting on a year with Node.js and why I should have stuck with Laravel

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Mike Hingley

I'd suggest looking at adonisjs as a js equivalent of laravel...

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Federico Vázquez

I don't

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I've only made a small pet project with adonisJS , and using Laravel on a daily basis I found find it very friendly.
Even I've been wondering if it would make sense to 'remake' some Laravel apps into adonis to see if nodejs has a smaller time to first byte.
Could you add mention something why you don't recommend it?


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Tyler Smith Author

Thanks for reading, Mike!

I like Adonis. And Sails.js. And Nest.js. Loopback also looks cool.

I've never adopted any of them for a few reasons though:

  1. Lack of adoption. Every major Node.js tool has a story for integrating with Express. None of the batteries-included Node.js frameworks have major adoption, so I have to figure out how to integrate other tools myself. It also means if I run into a problem, there are far fewer resources available than Laravel.
  2. Uncertain future. I'm not sure what the projects future looks like. Adonis is mostly carried by one person. Sails is maintained by a company out of Texas. For long term projects, using Adonis feels like a risk.
  3. Lack of first-party integrations. Laravel kills it with the amount of first party integrations they have. It's a compelling reason to choose Laravel over Node frameworks, and even popular frameworks in other languages like Django or Rails.
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Pyae Sone Win

Yes, also, according to my experience. I saw that sail.js is abandoned. We as maintainer of the application has such kind of fear. For laravel, it has a good ecosystem and also maintain laravel as a company. It felt much safer.