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Colin Fiedorowicz
Colin Fiedorowicz

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Java Fraction Calculator

Hello, Dev Community! I've decided to start updating and share one of my old projects: a fraction calculator that I wrote in Java. I came up with the idea during the first semester of my senior year. At that time, I already knew Python and had a basic understanding of Java—which I was building upon by taking AP Computer Science A. My favorite Python feature was the fractions module, and because Java doesn't have an equivalent library, I decided to write a class that performs a similar function. I didn't have time to start working on it until the end of the semester when it came time to complete my semester final for AP Computer Science. My teacher allowed me to create whatever I wanted, so I wrote my fraction class and created a simple calculator to demonstrate it.

If you're interested in checking it out, visit the GitHub repository I made for the project; I'm grateful for any and all feedback!

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