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What have you guys built your portfolios/blogs on? I don't know enough to build one from scratch but I wanted something to keep my journey on so I can go back and also show potential employers my skills in both tech and communication


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I've noticed a stackbit link on the dev.to dashboard, I've been curious to hear from anyone using it. You can build a site from your dev.to content. I would start there. Stack it builds modern jamstack sites that can be hosted for free on a number of places. It's worth the price of a few clicks to try.


I've built my personal blog, jaeheonshim.com, on WordPress hosted on one of my servers. It's cheap, flexible, and I basically have full control over my website.


I built waylonwalker.com on gatsby.js. it's all custom designed mostly for the learning experience. I know it could be better by grabbing a simple template from somewhere.


I have built my portfolio using react.
Check this out koushikmohan.con