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Discussion on: How I ran Django on my android phone ❌💻

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ColeDrain Author

From their wiki.
There are a number of common use-cases for the Termux application:

Data processing with Python.
Programming in a development environment.
Downloading and managing files and pages using time-established tools.
Learning the basics of the Linux command line environment.
Running an SSH client.
Synchronizing and backing up your files.
Of course, usage is not limited to the topics listed above. There are more than 1000 packages in our repositories. If these packages don't have what you're looking for, you can compile your own - we have a variety of build tools, including compilers for languages like C, C++, Go, Rust. Interpreters for common languages like NodeJS, Python, Ruby are available too.

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for data processing, it would be more suitable to buy a minimal VPS or even free. For example google cloud (free) is enough to run vs code in browser mode, and much more. I suspect that bash with android integration is more interesting related with the features of the device. For everything else you can connect to the server and achieve full opportunities