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Update Tomorrow; an Sneak peak!

To Check out the language, go here.

Version 1.11; New Shell!

As you may know, I've been talking a lot the past couple days about a new update coming to Gold. This new update brings a lot to the language, so lets get right in.

This new update, nicknamed When Life gives you *Gold*, will be adding some basic updates to the language.

Removal of the Original Shell.

Gold-Shell Iteration 1
"I was just here for the popcorn."

Props to the original shell for keeping up with the constant updates this entire time.

The reason its being replaced, is just a simple writing issue.
The way that the Shell is written is not very permeable, and does not allow for much expansion.

That being said, the shell will not be updated anymore, and in the new update, the .bat file booting into the shell will be completely removed.

The Replacement

The replacement for the shell, is... megaShell!

MegaShell is a open source project I started developing a couple days ago. It includes some basic writing commands, and some development commands. It also includes a developers kit that I will be releasing along with the update.

The Shell has several commands that will be highly utilized:

  • this: allows for custom commands by your shell provider.
  • make: allows for file creation.
  • edit: allows you to edit files.
  • destroy: allows for file destruction.

Those are the only commands I will be talking about here, but there are about 15 commands that will be used in this version.

Final New Features

The final new features include:

  • Colors
  • Custom command creation
  • Blank markdown generator
  • New Loader

Final Notes

Wanting to Contact Me? Join my Discord Server.

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