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State Of Development: 4-9-2022; Gold Language

Check out the Gold-Language Here


As you may know, I've been working on the Gold Programming-Language the past couple days.

It includes the following so far:

  • An Shell
  • An Runtime
  • Editor Features
  • Bug Checking
  • 2 Interpreters

However, there are still always features that need to be added, and I've come up with some new ideas that I think would help the language grow a lot more.

Feel Free to Comment any of your Ideas for the Language down below.


First Order of Business, the Roadmap.

I've been doing most of my Development of Gold over Spring break, but now that its coming to a close, I'm going to be changing the development cycles.

Updates for the Language will be happening every other week, with the next update planned to come out next Wednesday.

So, here is the current Roadmap:


State of Development.

The main question people have asked me is What have you been doing the past couple days, and how is programming going?
And to that I answer,

Its hard making new ideas honestly.

There are many things I could add, and many things that have gone unused just because they don't really fit the language. This includes:

  • Giga-If Statements
  • Giant Text Displays
  • Color System for Console. (Might go used later)

The biggest challenge however, is programming all of the features in.

Take for example the first ever Gold Release (1.0)

Version 1.0 took me 9 Hours Straight to program, and I only took two 5 minute breaks. The amount of work it takes to get these programs working is incredible, and I'm always shocked that I actually got the Gold language off the ground running.

And besides, even after you get the Programming done, there might still be an million errors inside of the code just waiting for you to find them.

Example: Implementing new Shell Commands.

When implementing a new Shell command, you need to get the listener working, then the Output working.
Most of the time either the Output breaks, or I misspelt something in the listener.
I also have to add the command details/description inside of the help command, so it will list what the command does.

The thing is, at least programming Gold is fun. Its always great to see new functionalities work just the way you wanted them to work.

Final Notes

No, I'm not Discontinuing the Gold language. Just because it has not been updated in 3 days, does not mean its been Discontinued.

You can always contribute to the language here

That just about wraps up the Current state of development.

Wanting to message me? Join my Discord Server

See you in the next update.

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