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Five Symptoms Of A Failing Software Project

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Five Symptoms Of A Failing Software Project

What are some of the symptoms of a failing software project?

In this video I proffer my opinion on a few symptoms that might show up on software development efforts that would indicate that the project is heading toward failure. This is not a complete list of symptoms, nor is it meant to be. I begin by describing what some of the characteristics are of these symptoms and then elaborate on five examples that match this narrative.

We make a few assumptions in this video:

  • The project is staffed by a team of people.
  • The development effort has been going on for some extended period of time.
  • We focus on large-scale symptoms that impact the entire project and are not easy to fix.
  • A project with multiple symptoms is likely in trouble.
  • The project is running low on time.

Keep in mind that the point-of-view in this video is from that of a software engineer. Project managers, business analysts, sales engineers, marketing experts, and other people involved in the effort will likely identify other symptoms that are not included here (and I encourage you to add them in the comments).

If you see things differently, have additional symptoms, disagree with anything in the video, I welcome you to add your thoughts in the comments section.

I've included a link to my LinkedIn profile in the video description below -- if you would like to connect please send me an invitation.

If you have a software project which requires corrective action or if you simply need additional help, please inquire with me through LinkedIn.

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