Build a blog with Cogear.JS

Dmitriy Belyaev on September 28, 2018

Recently in comments to Cogear.JS introduction post I've been asked about difference between it and Gatsby. Today I've read the post Build a bl... [Read Full]
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That sounds like a lot of effort just to have a simple blog, to be honest. Cogear.JS (wouldn't "Cogear" be a better name?) should at least have a --new-article parameter like mine has. :-)


It's not blog engine by default.

1-3 minutes sounds like "a lot"? Are you seriously?

Why should it have such a param? It's more handy to create text file in editor than to generate it with param.

I can do this easily via blog plugin, but I don't really feel like it's needed to has such a param.

Let's listen to other community members.


It's more handy to create text file in editor than to generate it with param.

I disagree, that's why I solved it differently. But maybe I'm mistaken on that?

It's your own preferences as a developer.

I feel this way, you feel another. It's fine, we're differ.

It'll take 5-10 minutes to update blog plugin, but really it's easier to create file in editor than to write something like this:

$ cogear blog post --title="I promise not to use generator for such purpose" --tags="one,two,three"

I Agree with you, love your articles also it has vue plugin. nice. Easy workflow, and one things! its styl by default.

It allows to use SASS, LESS or Stylus by default.

Proper loaders are included in default Webpack config.

Thanks for support!


Awaiting for ToDo battle between JS frameworks. Popcorn is bought.


Do you mean like Vue.JS vs React vs Ember vs Angular?

Or battle between static site generators?

I don't think that it is good way. It's not the open source software path. Every framework has developers how like and use, and how does not.


I meant the clash on blogs is so 1990ish. Do it on 5K concurrent requests.

And yeah, we all know how “every framework” differs in JS world since leftpad.

It's a static site generator which produces HTML files. Do you really think that it's needed to be tested over load? 🔥


Nice, really easy to follow.
Auto reload no work using yarn.


Yes, of course. It produces basic html files and assets that could be easily uploaded anywhere you'd like.

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