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Discussion on: Speed up your Typing on iOS with Text Replacements

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Cody Gagnon

For sure! Some additional ones I'm using are:

.ohm => Ω
.micro => µ
.cmd => ⌘
.opt => ⌥
.street => (my street address, useful for a form)
.zip => (my zip code, useful for a form)
.full => (my full address, useful when sending it to a human)

One of the things I learned is that if I have a word I don't want auto-corrected because it gets auto-corrected to the wrong thing (e.g. vscode was autocorrecting to something incorrect) I put that word in as both the "Replace" and "With" fields. Following the logic this essentially means when it looks up the word input/key, it replaces it with the value which is the same as the input, avoiding an incorrect autocorrect!

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Stefan Natter 🇦🇹👨🏻‍💻 Author

Thanks for sharing your advanced additional text replacements with me. They are wonderful. Gotta add them too. I need to test the hack you mentioned too.