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Discussion on: Dash + Alfred - instantly search offline documentation sets for 200+ APIs, 100+ cheat sheets, and more!

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Cody Gagnon

I love Dash + Alfred too! A couple of tips based on my usage over time:

  1. The search profiles exposed to Alfred are defined in Dash. I use a shorthand to make things speedier (e.g. js instead of javascript). You can also use the "default" search profile by just typing "dash " in Alfred!
  2. Each time a modification is made to search profiles, you'll need to "reinstall" the integration to Alfred for the profile to be added. It didn't use to be this way but I started noticing this behavior sometime back. A simple thing to do but easy to not realize if you haven't done it before.
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Stefan Natter 🇦🇹👨🏻‍💻 Author

Hi Cody,

thanks for your feedback. I was not aware of these customization options and that you need to reinstall the integration. Thanks for sharing this with me. Looks like I am used to the default search profiles. :D