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Coding Unicorn 🦄
Coding Unicorn 🦄

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There is an opportunity everywhere

Today three people from my team have been laid off because our client is impacted by the current economical recession.

My reaction was: what an exciting opportunity to improve your life! 🤩

You can look at everything from 2 different perspectives:

❌ Look for downsides.
✅ Look for opportunities.

🧠 Depending on how you look at the event, you'll enjoy either downsides or opportunities. The choice is yours.

I became a freelancer because I wasn't happy with my employer.
I became a mentor because I didn't have a role model to learn from.

💡 During these difficult times, don't focus on drawbacks. Look for opportunities and help people in your circles to take advantage of life events, no matter how harsh they are. Birds discover they have wings when kicked out of their nests.

Believe in yourself. Good luck!

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski

So how did you help them?

Because they are people in your 'circle'.

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Coding Unicorn 🦄 Author • Edited on

I am now helping folks to incorporate an LLC so they could offer their services to companies that need help. Let's see how it goes!

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Michael "lampe" Lazarski

Two things rub me the wrong way:

  • Someone loses their job and maybe with that their house etc... The reaction should not be hey look a new opportunity. Maybe in specific cases but not in general.

  • Making out of someone eleses misseroy a marketing gig for a instagram channel.

Just rubs me personaly the wrong way.

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Theofanis Despoudis • Edited on

Make you wonder how fragile the system is. It only takes less than a month to have economical recession from any point of time and lose your job. That's capitalism at it's lowest.

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Coding Unicorn 🦄 Author

Good point.

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