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Discussion on: 👨‍🚀 Client side only! How far can we go? 👩‍🚀

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Nico Braun
  • You still need a server to serve your page.
  • IndexedDB can only be accessed by the single client, for anything other than storing your favorite theme, it's not feasible.
  • The trend to do more work on the backend and less on the frontend has a good reason.
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Adam Crockett Author

Firstly wierd bits of trivia is why I write on Dev. It's what I like to talk about.

  • pasting text into a URL bar does not require a server.
  • I didn't stipulate that this "website" needed to be shared to anyone, personal client side storage is absolutely storage, but even so pouchdb can sync this with remotes - if you where absolutely determined to use this crazzy idea.
  • the point of the post is silly, it's a thought experiment, nothing more, it didn't warrant bullet points that's very serious impactful way of telling me to stop talking ☚ī¸.