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Responsive Neumorphism Navigation Bar in HTML & CSS

Hello friend, today in this blog I'm going to create a Responsive Neumorphism Navigation Bar using HTML & CSS only. In a previous blog, I have Shared,How to Create a Transparent Sidebar Menu using HTML & CSS and now I'm going to create a navigation menu in neumorphism style using pure CSS.

Generally, neumorphism means a minimal way to design with a soft, extruded plastic look. A navigation bar is a section where one logo and various hyperlinks exist. It allows users to quickly visit any particular section within the website. Nowadays the Navigation menu is the most important part of the website.

In this program[Responsive Neumorphism Navigation Bar], on the webpage, there is a logo at the top left side and some navigation links at the top right side of the navigation bar. On pc, you will see the navigation menu align in horizontal form, and on mobile devices, you will see this navigation align in vertical form. I have used only HTML & CSS.

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Neumorphism Navigation Menu [Source Code]
You can download all source code files from this given link. Click here to download code files

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